Extra Charter Activities

Customise your cruising experience and opt to add on a fun charter activity to enjoy while on the water. No matter what the occasion is - a Birthday, Hen's or Buck's party, Corporate event or Christmas celebration - you can create a unique experience and enjoy some additional entertainment, while on a boat in the heart of Sydney Harbour.

The Sea Sydney Harbour team can provide a customised quote on entertainment and activities, to suit your cruising experience. By booking an activity through our team, cruise planning and logistics will be well co-ordinated and all organised ready to go for your cruise. Extra charter activities can be booked as an add-on when you book a private boat charter for any occasion. Activities are subject to availability, pending your cruise date.

An extra charter activity is the perfect idea to customise your cruising experience on Sydney Harbour, and make your time on the water extra fun!

Water Mat - Sydney Harbour


Indulge in Aquatic Bliss (Available on daytime charters only)

  • Whether you're seeking a serene spot to soak up the sun or a playful platform for aquatic adventures, our Floating Island offers endless enjoyment for all ages. The perfect addition to your charter experience. Dive in and discover the ultimate in relaxation and fun on the water!


  • $120 per charter
Water Mat - Sydney Harbour


Relaxing Water Fun (Available on daytime charters only)

  • Hire a floating water mat (5 x 1.8 metres) for use throughout the duration of your charter. Relax and enjoy the water with a drink in hand, as this little gem will keep you floating above the water surface for hours. It's the perfect piece of water equipment to add on to any daytime charter booking, if you're looking for a cool way to relax in the warmer months. This water mat comfortably accommodates for 12-15 people at one time. Adults and kids will love this!


  • $120 per charter
Paddleboards - Sydney Harbour


Core Friendly Water Fun (Available on daytime charters only)

  • Hire a pair of inflatable stand-up paddleboards for use throughout the duration of your charter. Suitable for all fitness levels, stand-up paddleboarding is a fun water activity that is perfect to add on to any daytime charter booking. This activity is cool, core-friendly and great to bond with family, friends and colleagues. Jump (or paddle) on board!


  • $120 per charter (includes 2 x SUP's)

Boat Activities - Sydney Harbour


Dance Your Cruise Away (Available on Fleetwing II and Heaven)

  • Opt to have a professional DJ set up on board and enjoy a dance floor in the midst of Sydney Harbour. With a mix of tunes played throughout your cruise, you can chill out and relax to the music or keep those feet moving and dance your cruise away. A DJ will ensure music is played throughout the duration of your cruise and keep the party atmosphere alive.


  • $825 per charter (3-4 hours)
  • If you wish to BYO DJ or live entertainment on board, this must be approved by the Sea Sydney Harbour team prior to your cruise date. A $250 fee is applicable, which includes pre-access to the vessel. Please check with the team for confirmation this is available for your booking.
Drag Queen - Sydney Harbour


Drag Up Sydney Harbour

  • Feathers, glitter and amazing hair dos! Hire one of the 'girls' to host your event and add a little spice to your boat party. Popular for hen's parties, birthday parties and corporate events - with the help of these 'girls' your cruise will be filled with laughter, fun and light-hearted entertainment.
  • Entertainment options can include:
    • Host your event
    • Mingle with guests and have photos
    • Host naughty bingo
    • Host popular hen's party games
    • Drag up the hen
    • Perform a small show


  • Price available upon request and dependant on booking duration
Cocktails - Sydney Harbour


Make, Shake and Sip Cocktails

  • Learn to shake like a pro and experience cocktail making on the harbour! We offer fun cocktail making classes perfect for hen's parties, birthday parties, corporate events and other celebrations. With the help of a professional mixologist you will be making, shaking and sipping your favourite cocktails on the beautiful setting of Sydney Harbour.
  • The class runs for an approximate duration of 90 minutes and includes:
    • A fun mixologist
    • Three cocktails per person
    • All required ingredients
    • All required cocktail making equipment


  • Price available upon request and dependant on guest numbers
Clay Shooting - Sydney Harbour


A Little Friendly Competition

  • It's all hands-on deck when you add Laser Clay Shooting to the party! With up to five clay shooters playing at the one time, enjoy a little friendly competition with those on board. Popular for buck's parties and ideal for corporate and social events, Laser Clay Shooting builds relationships, engages your guests and adds fun to your cruise.
  • The shoot runs for an approximate duration of 60-90 minutes. How it works:
    • Players fire authentic 12 guage shotguns that have been professional modified with harmless lasers.
    • Clays with omni-directional reflective tape attached, are fired from a launcher. When a shooter scores a hit, the beam is reflected back to the gun and registers a “HIT” on the scoreboard. Authentic sound effects enhance the experience.
    • The computerised scoreboard tallies up hits and allows several different forms of competition to take place, catering for all levels of expertise.
    • At the conclusion of the Laser Clay Shooting, a champion is presented with a trophy and medals can be awarded to the runners-up.


  • Price available upon request and dependant on time of booking.

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